How to pack for a move


Curtains and blinds should be taken down prior to the arrival of our removal team. Pictures and mirrors need to be taken down, wrapped for protection with bubble wrap or picture cartons and neatly stacked.

We can provide extra wrapping materials at a cost but it is advised that more expensive items should be packed by Falconer Removals as they have the experience in doing so.


All gas, water and electric appliances will need to be disconnected prior to your removal team’s arrival.

Our employees are legally prohibited from disconnecting the gas, water or electric supply. Freezers and fridges should be emptied and cleaned prior to the removal day.


We will dismantle and reassemble furniture as long as this has been arranged with the estimator at the time of your quotation.


We provide hanging wardrobe boxes so clothing on hangers can be easily transferred straight from your wardrobe. Chest of drawers are usually moved full but please check this with your estimator.

All other items of clothing should be packed into suitcases, bags and boxes. All bedding and linen should be boxed or placed in a bag.


Our employees are prohibited from entering any loft or attic rooms as our insurance policy does not cover this. All contents must be declared to the estimator.

You should move all contents into an accessible room prior to your removal team’s arrival so they can see everything that needs to be moved and items are not forgotten.


We cannot allow any items of food into storage. It is essential that you sort through your food items prior to the removal day.

Please ensure packets, jars, screw tops and lids are secured with tape whilst boxing these items – don’t forget to fill these boxes to the brim to avoid crushing when stacked. Half fill boxes with heavy items and fill to the brim with lighter items.


All tools should be cleaned and bundled together so they are easy to manage.

Our insurance policy does not allow them to move flammable substances, old tins of paint, creosote, diesel, petrol, paraffin, gas bottles, matches etc. All other substances should be securely sealed with tape to prevent any spillage. Make sure you drain fuel from mowers, trimmers, chainsaws etc. Wash out rubbish bins and wheelbarrows.

Garden sheds, playhouses, swing-sets and greenhouses can be moved but will need to be dismantled prior to your removal day.

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